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Point and Cross Line Lasers

Spectra Precision has introduced many of the major laser innovations since inventing the industry. Our portable laser tools are no exception bringing easy to use, robust and reliable laser tools for both interior and exterior use.

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  1. LT52 Point & Line Laser Tool

    The Spectra Precision® LT52 is the Tool for All Trades. It eliminates the need for a contractor to purchase two tools by combining a 5 beam laser pointer with a horizontal and vertical cross line laser into one product. The versatile, automatic self-leveling laser tool can be used in a wide variety of construction applications. 

  2. LT58 The Go-To Ceiling Laser

    The Spectra Precision® LT58 is the Go-To ceiling laser. It provides a bright GREEN 360 degree horizontal laser line that is ideally suited for ceiling work. The compact size and lightweight design allows easy mounting at ceiling height.

  3. LT56 Universal Laser Layout Tool
    The Spectra Precision® LT56 Universal Laser Layout Tool is an automatic self-leveling multi-purpose tool that can be used in a wide variety of interior and exterior construction applications. The laser produces provides three 360 degree planes of laser light. A horizontal plane and 2 vertical planes 90 degrees apart.
  4. LT20 Cross Line Laser
    The Spectra Precision® LT20 Cross Line Laser Tool is an automatic self-leveling multi-purpose tool with 1 vertical plane and 1 horizontal plane. For interior building and remodeling, the LT20 laser tool is used for horizontal and vertical alignment, wall layout, acoustical ceiling installation and finish carpentry.
  5. LP30 and LP50 Laser Layout Tools
    The Spectra Precision® LP30 Layout Tool and LP50 Layout Tool are designed to handle a wide range of interior construction applications. These rugged laser layout tools offer several benefits to general and interior contractors, electricians, plumbers and a variety of tradesmen.

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Spectra Lasers - Point and cross line lasers

Cross line layout laser tools give you enough plumb, level and square references to finish a room in a fraction of time it takes with traditional tools. One self leveling set-up and you can install walls, windows, doors, cabinets, chair rails, counters and anything else that needs to be right. Our 3 and five point lasers are ideal for layout of interior walls, drywall track installation, installation of overhead or floor fixtures, transferring points, checking plumb and square and short-range leveling. Plus all these tools are rugged enough for the toughest job site and designed to survive a 1m (3 foot) drop onto concrete.

Our latest generation, Laser Tools have,

  • reinforced rubber over mold casing to ensure you can keep up working on the toughest job sites.
  • brighter beams – that allows the laser to be seen visibly around any room
  • good battery life – meaning it works when you work

And all these products are all backed by the industry's only 3-year instant over the counter exchange warranty.