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The LL500 Turns 40!

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CR700 Combination Laser Receiver

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The Legend
Turns 40!

This year the legendary LL500 Laser Level turns 40. Released in 1981, and originally known as EL-1, the LL500 is the first electronic self-leveling rotating laser. 40 years later, and the LL500 remains a universally trusted and accurate laser level used on job-sites worldwide. The LL500 is proof that once you get it right, it just works.

LL500 Laser Level


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Spectra Precision

Spectra Precision Laser supplies precision laser tools and solutions to the construction and surveying markets to enhance productivity. Solutions incorporating laser and optical instruments target general contractors and specialty contractors serving large and small commercial job sites as well as residential builders and remodelers.

The Spectra Precision Laser range of products is composed of Laser grade, Laser level, Pipe Laser, Lasers Receivers, Point and Cross Line Lasers, Interior Laser, Laser Distance Measurer.

Spectra Precision Laser was the inventor of the first rotating laser and still continues, through an innovation-driven approach, to be one of the strongest brands in construction lasers.

Spectra Precision Laser products are well known for their technology, quality, ease of use, and ruggedness. In addition, Spectra Precision Laser products benefit from strong support through the world’s largest network of repair centers. All of this makes Spectra Precision Laser the brand of choice for construction site prep and surveying tools.

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