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Grade Lasers
Spectra Precision

Each grade laser within the portfolio will automatically self-level to the desired grade elevation providing full control whilst working on sports pitches, car parks, roads, rail or other surfaces requiring grade.

Grades can be entered simply and quickly on all models. Some models have increased functionality to include:

Automatic or Manual Grade Matching – the laser will automatically calculate and display the grade when trying to match pre-existing slopes on the job site where the actual grade value might not be known.
Automatic Axis Alignment – When working with grade it is important to get an accurate alignment to your grade hub to eliminate grade errors. The universal laser will automatically align to your grade hub providing an accurate set-up. This can be done on one or two axis simultaneously when the desired grades are not at 90 degree to each other – removing complex math and speeding up the set-up process whilst improving accuracy
Automatic Temperature Compensation – meaning the laser will operate at the highest accuracy throughout the day regardless of temperature.
Automatic Planelok – eliminates beam drift throughout the day that occurs with all lasers as the temperature changes. The beam is locked on to the receiver and stays at the desired elevation all day long eliminating costly errors.