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Laser Distance Meters

As simple as using a tape measure the Quick Measure range of distance meters from Spectra Precision are simple, intuitive and easy to use. 


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    QM95 Laser Distance Meter
    The Spectra Precision® QM95 Laser Distance meter is a fast, high accuracy laser distance meter designed for indoor and outdoor use. The QM95 has the longest range of all the Quick Measure distance meters – up to 650 feet (200 m). A large backlit LCD is easy to see in all conditions.
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    QM75 Laser Distance Meter
    The Spectra Precision® QM75 Laser Distance Meter is the first distance meter that is designed and built specifically for the tough construction environment. Use of engineered plastics, generous use of rubber over-mold and clever electronic isolation make the QM75 the most robust laser distance meter available. It stands up to tough job site conditions.
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    QM55 Laser Distance Meter
    The Spectra Precision® QM55 Laser Distance Meter is a fast, accurate laser distance meter designed for indoor use. Features include area, volume and Pythagoras functions for indirect measurements. It is handy for difficult vertical measurements, cluttered environments, over water and other measurements for which tape measures are not convenient.

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Spectra Lasers - Laser Distance Meters

As with all Spectra Precision products  the Quick Measures are designed to withstand tough jobsite conditions and are able to survive drops up to 1.5 m (5 ft) onto concrete. Simply pick it up and press the measure button. You will be glad you added a Quick Measure to your tool box.

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