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The QML800 QuickMark Layout System is a completely new way to lay-out interior points.
The system uses 2 laser beams that literally mark a visible “X” on the point. The lasers are controlled with an intuitive Android tablet with standard gestures and controls. The user simply selects the desired point and the lasers automatically find that point.
It is fast, efficient and does not require any specific training.
QML800 Application Picture 1
QML800 Application Picture 2
QML800 Application Picture 3
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  • Visible X marks the spot
  • Intuitive tablet interface
  • Wireless communications between tablet and lasers
  • Points located in 5 seconds
  • Multiple point entry methods
  • Labor reduction up to 50%
  • Fast setup with minimal training
  • Eliminate calculation and marking errors
  • Complex shapes and dense areas are easy to layout
  • Reduce trade conflicts on site
  • Quick Return on Investment – 1 to 3 jobs

QML800 User Guide - English

QML800-QML800G User Guide - English QML800-QML800G Manuale utente - Italian QML800-QML800G User Guide - Japanese

QML800 White Paper - English

QML800 Documento Técnico - Español

QML800 Tutorial 1
QML800 Tutorial 2
QML800 Tutorial 3
QML800 Tutorial 4
QML800 Tutorial 5
QML800 Tutorial 6
QML800 Tutorial 7 - Introduction to BuildView Office
QML800 on the Job

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