The Trimble-Spectra Precision Americas Regional Fulfillment Center (ARFC) in Dayton, Ohio is very excited to announce several updates to the facility and shipping.

Opened in 2013, the Trimble ARFC represented at the time a major improvement for Trimble product fulfillment and delivery. Since moving into the distribution center, inventory has nearly doubled and shipping activity has increased by more than 35%. Since 2013, technology and process for distribution centers have made some massive leaps that drive improved delivery time and accuracy. To ensure that we are keeping pace with both the increased fulfillment requirements as well as the latest technology for fulfillment, the ARFC is undergoing a major expansion and modernization of pick and shipping processes.

The warehouse will grow from 130,000 square feet to 286,000 square feet (12,077 square meters to 26,570 square meters). Construction on the expansion started in October 2019 and has been completed in October 2020. The ARFC will incorporate both a new layout for products and components along with increased automation.

The new facility will include several major upgrades that will improve efficiency by more than 25% and improve order fulfillment accuracy.

The ARFC handles over 18,000 unique SKU’s, 360,000 shipping lines, and over 1.2 million transactions in a given year. The expanded Trimble ARFC will leverage new technologies and processes for improved efficiency and accuracy, comparable to that used in major distribution centers worldwide today.

A new conveyor belt system running through the facility combined with the increased use of barcode technology will provide significant improvements for the management of over 30,000 shipping lines per month.