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LR60 Laser Machine Display Receiver

The Spectra Precision® LR60 & LR60W Laser Machine Display Receivers are designed to be used as a stand-alone display receiver on grading and excavating equipment including: dozers, excavators, backhoes, scrapers, and box blades.

UL633N Universal Laser

Sometimes deciding on the right laser for the job can be a daunting task and can mean that multiple types of lasers have to be used on one jobsite. With the Spectra Precision UL633N you do not have to worry. It is Universal and can do multiple applications. It is a flat, rotating laser, single and dual grade laser, vertical alignment and 90-degrees set out laser – that’s what makes it Universal. Small contractors can do more work on their own and larger contractors do not have to worry about sending the wrong laser or multiple lasers to the jobsite.

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Sports Fields Contractor

The range of laser is composed of universal lasers, grade lasers, laser levels, laser receivers and laser distance meter.
This range covers the following applications: Cut & fill measurements for site preparation, level and grade control for footings and foundations, alignment, elevation and grade control for installation of pipes, level control and 90 degree layout for brick and blockwork.

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