BuildView Office


BuildView Office is a Windows-based, fully functional 2D CAD system used to view and manage floor plans. BVO gives QML owners the ability to create specific QML control points and related geometry for use on the job site.

How to download and install Buildview Office

Click the link below to download Buildview Office onto your Windows computer. Once the file is downloaded, follow the onscreen instructions to install Buildview Office.

Download Buildview Office

Buildview Office is compatible with Windows XP and up.

Minimum requirements to run BuildView on your Wndows computer:

  • 1024×768 pixel screen resolution
  • 1GHz or faster 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 2 gigabyte (GB) RAM”
  • View and modify architectural files – Quickly open and view architectural files in native CAD formats (.dwg and .dxf). No need to wait for paper.
  • Create QML800 job site control – Create specific QML800 control points and related geometry for use on the job site.
  • Compare new and previous file versions – plans change. This is a useful tool to find and see the changes.
  • Create offset lines and points – offset lines are often needed for layout. These tools allow you to update files as needed.
  • Measure – Use the CAD data to measure any geometry in the drawing.
  • Import / Export points – especially useful for MEP trades; allows anyone the flexibility to use BVO with other devices.
  • Synchronize with QML app – point status made on the tablet application or in BVO seemlessly transfer to the other program.
  • Fully Functional 2D CAD – add geometries, measure, manage layers, etc.

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