GL612N Grade Laser


The GL612N Grade Laser provides single grade capability of 25% in addition to being fully self-leveled in vertical for building axis alignment or setting 90 degree. Simple, robust and easy to use with a menu-driven interface that is replicated on the radio remote control makes the GL612N the first choice for any contractor requiring versatile grade capability.

Single Grade Laser with 25% Grade Range

Spectra Precision® GL612N Grade Laser — Easy-To-Use, Full Featured Automatic Grade Laser

The GL612N Single Grade Laser is a rugged, automatic self-leveling laser with grade capability from -25% to + 25% and can be used for a wide variety of grade, excavating, and alignment applications by general and specialty contractors.

The GL612N comes with a radio remote control that provides fully functional capabilities up to 150m (500 feet) from the laser transmitter – even from the cab of a machine. The graphical, menu-driven interface makes the laser simple and easy to use and can be set to 16 different languages. The ability to operate the laser while working away from the laser transmitter can significantly reduce set-up times and increase productivity.

Laser packages may include the advanced HL760 Digital Readout Receiver that can be used at an operating diameter of up to 800m (2,600 feet). The Digital Readout allows the user to get to the on-grade position faster as the distance is displayed to the on-grade position in mm, or inches, fractional inches. Wireless communication between the receiver and the laser allows advanced functionality such as Automatic Grade Matching to be achieved. Automatic Grade Matching basically means that the laser moves to the on-grade position on the receiver and the grade is then calculated – this is generally used when a constant fall is desired but the grade may not be known (renewing existing driveways or matching existing surfaces). The HL760 can be paired with another HL760 turning the second receiver into a remote display that could allow a machine operator to see what the rodman is seeing when dipping for levels.

Both GL612N is self-leveling in vertical, allowing more productivity by being able to carry out more tasks such as building axis alignment or setting 90 degrees or aligning anchor bolts. Designed to be used on the toughest jobsites the GL612N can withstand a 1m (3 feet)

  • Multiple Applications – the GL612N provides the ability to control level, alignment, single grade and set 90 degrees.
  • Long Range – one person elevation and grade control with 800 m (2,600 ft) diameter range increases productivity
  • Automatic self-leveling – provides fast, easy set-up for horizontal level, grade or vertical alignment
  • Automatic Grade Matching – meaning the laser moves to the on-grade position on the receiver automatically by communicating wirelessly with the receiver and the grade is then calculated – this is generally used when a constant fall is desired but the grade may not be known (renewing existing driveways or matching existing surfaces)
  • Grade Range – large, fully compensated grade range from -25% to 25% – keeping the laser leveled no matter what grade you need reducing errors and improving productivity.
  • Anti-Vibration Filter – a laser can be affected by high vibration or strong wind, especially when the laser is mounted on a tall tripod –both the GL612N and G622N have an anti-vibration filter that can be set according to the conditions allowing work to continue regardless of wind conditions or excessive vibrations.
  • Temperature Compensation & PlaneLok– as temperature fluctuates throughout the working day, the internal components of a laser can expand and contract which can cause some additional error without the user noticing. This is can be resolved through the automatic temperature check that the laser performs where the internal software calibrates the laser to its optimal performance based on the temperature. Additionally, the PlaneLok function can be activated. This keeps the laser beam fixed to a receiver in a set a position eliminating any error that can be caused by fluctuating temperatures, keeping the laser accurate and error free.
  • Rugged – the GL612N can withstand a 1m (3 ft) drop directly onto concrete or 1.5m (5 ft) pushover on a tripod, eliminating costly repairs.
  • Mask Mode – the GL612N has a virtual masking function that allows the laser beam to be turned off in up to 3 sides, avoiding false reading from glass reflections or interfering with other lasers on the same jobsite.

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