RD20 Wireless Remote Display


The Spectra Precision® RD20 Wireless Remote Display is designed to be used with the LR30W, LR50W and LR60W display receivers. The RD20 mounts in the cab and gives the operator grade information in a convenient location. The operator is free to focus on the work at hand.

Easy to use

The RD20 links directly with the family of wireless machine display receivers: LR30W, LR50W and LR60W.

The Spectra Precision® RD20 wireless in-cab remote display can quickly and easily be positioned in the cab, without cables, to improve visibility of the receiver grade information. Additionally, most receiver functions can now be controlled in the cab with the remote.

  • Large, bright, Red, Green and Blue elevation LEDs for High On-grade and Low
  • Settings can be adjusted in the cab
  • Various mounting options included
  • Optional RDM-1 swivel mount with suction cup

RD20 Wireless Remote Display - Installation and Setup


RD20 Wireless Remote Display - Introduction and Modes

LR Receivers Video with Voice Over

LRWs and RD20 - Extend the Beam

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