The Powerful New QML XT Software is available for a 30-Day trial period.

QML XT Software Include the Following Major Updates

Open Files Faster
Faster graphics processing and rendering enhancements speed up work

Open Larger Files
Better handling of large files also speeds up the work

Layer Finder / Identifier
Easily find the layers you need (or don’t need) for layout

Pairing Improvements
Easier to pair system components – tablet app to lasers

Setup Troubleshooting
Assistance in identifying and correcting setup issues

Generate simple production reports (in PDF) based on staked Points, area of Walls completed, or Ceiling area completed


Please fill in your info & Device ID

* To get your Device ID, Download the Trimble Installation Manager (TIM) to your Android tablet. Go to In the download box, select "TIM for Android" and follow the steps to download. You will need the provided Device ID# to install the QML XT App 30-day trial

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